Quality-Focused Curriculum

Upstate Academy offers quality focused curriculum designed to empower you with the knowledge to obtain and maintain your bail agent's license.

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40-Hour Surety Workshop [Insurance]
Covers surety, fiduciary, fidelity bond and crime insurance bonds. This 40-hour workshop provides for extensive lectures to assist the student in preparing for the Surety Exam Series (19-08).

This workshop is recommended not required to become a surety bondsman. However, you will need to pass both the 19-08 and 19-16 exam series to qualify for a surety bondsman.

30-Hour Professional Surety and Runner Pre-Licensing Course
[Bail Bonding
Covers general insurance, insurance regulations, legal framework of contracts, principles of bail bonding and Chapter 53 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. This course helps prepare the student for Surety Exam Series (19-16).

NOTE: The State of South Carolina has increased the Professional Surety and
Runner Pre-Licensing Course from 20 hours to 30 hours.

This is a state required course to qualify for ANY type of bail bondsman. To only qualify for a professional or runner, this is the only course and exam you will need to take.

24-Hour Continuing Education Course
State approved proctor that covers interests and concerns which affects all multi-line producers in South Carolina.

8-Hour Continuing Education Course
Covers interests and concerns that affect all bail bondsmen and runners in South Carolina. The course seminars may cover various aspects of case law as it relates to bail bondsmen legislation and statutory laws.

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