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Julie-Ann Dixon, Administrator

Julie-Ann Dixon

Frank Richardson, Lead Instructor

Frank Richardson

Ieisha Scruggs, Assistant Instructor

Ieisha Scruggs

Having developed the first and only surety course in South Carolina, Upstate Academy is dedicated to providing quality focused curriculum designed to empower you with the knowledge to obtain and maintain your bail agent's license. 85% of all bondsmen attend Upstate Academy for their education and 95% of all bondsmen attend the Academy for continuing education courses.

With a proven success rate, Upstate Academy offers the required classroom instructions for the following curriculum:

  • 40-Hour Surety Workshop
  • 30-Hour Professional Surety and Runner Pre-Licensing Course
  • 24-Hour Continuing Education Course
  • 8-Hour Continuing Education Course

Upstate Academy is the only minority-owned school within the State of South Carolina. The instructions experience, at Upstate Academy, provides for a population rich in diversity in a comfortable setting within an atmosphere conducive to learning. The Academy maintain a casual, business-like environment which promotes focus, pride, and professional behavior.

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Approach to Teaching and Learning
Guided in the belief that active learning methods promote active engagement from the students,
Upstate Academy's instructors create a dynamic learning environment that encourages students
to directly apply learned lessons, concepts and theories in a collaborative teaching forum.


Julie-Ann Dixon | Administrator
Julie-Ann Dixon is the Administrator for Upstate Academy.  She comes with years of political experience. She is the liaison between the Department of Insurance, Legislators and Upstate Academy Instructors.  Ms. Dixon researches and updates class handbooks with current policies, ensures that the Instructors certificates are in full compliance and keeps track of important policy details and updates.






Frank Richardson, Bail Bondsman | Lead Instructor
The author of more than 10 books, covering course instructions to everything you need to know about bail bonding, Frank Richardson brings over 30 years of professional experience, expertise and knowledge to the classroom. With over a decade of teaching experience, Mr. Richardson serves as the Academy's Lead Instructor.






Ieisha Scruggs | Assistant Instructor
Ieisha Scruggs with over eleven years of experience serves as Upstate Academy's Assistant Instructor. Ms. Scruggs also serves as our point of contact for registration, course materials, and explanations on how to complete certain forms, such as: Motion to be Relieved, Affidavit of Surrender by Surety, Bondsman Request for Hold, Applications and Indemnity Agreements, etc.


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